Alderman Danny Solis

Proudly serving the 25th Ward for 20 years.

The 25th ward covers parts of Pilsen, Chinatown, Little Italy, West Loop, South Loop & ABLA Homes.


Total Population: 54,539

White: 19.93 percent

Black: 9 percent

Hispanic: 56.23 percent

Asian: 14.21 percent (Source: WBEZ)




Four miles from downtown Chicago on the city’s lower West Side, culture thrives in Pilsen and invites you to explore the treasures that wait around every corner. Nestled along the busy railroad lines that run along 16th St., Pilsen has long been a first-stop neighborhood for many immigrants—Initially Czech immigrants who named the neighborhood after the 4th largest city in the Czech Republic. Mexican immigrants began to settle here starting in the 1950’s, and have laid the foundation for this neighborhood’s distinctive essence. Today this Mexican-American community full of culture and art, welcomes all walks of life.



The Chinatown neighborhood in Chicago, is on the South Side, centered on Cermak and Wentworth Avenues, and is an example of an American Chinatown. One of the largest neighborhoods of its kind in the United States, more than 65,000 Chinese residents call this neighborhood home. Along it’s main street, you’ll discover traditional restaurants, distinctive boutique shopping, and the Chinatown Gate, a beautifully ornamented entryway to the neighborhood.


West Loop

 A transformation — or rather, an explosion — has taken place among the former factories, wholesale warehouses and Skid Row on the west edges of downtown. One of Chicago's most creative and surging neighborhoods, the West Loop is a vibrant and rapidly growing urban neighborhood of young professionals and families. Reputable eateries, galleries and designer spaces have brought this neighborhood major attention and traffic from across the city and country.


ABLA Homes

ABLA Homes was a Chicago Housing Authority public housing development that comprised four separate public housing projects on the Near-West Side of Chicago, Illinois. The name "ABLA" was an acronym for four different housing developments that together constituted one large site. The four housing developments that made up ABLA were: the Jane Addams Homes, Robert Brooks Homes, Loomis Courts, and the Grace Abbott Homes totaling 3,596 units.

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South Loop

The South Loop is such a dynamic mix of attractions and histories that the neighborhood tends to be seen as many different things to many different people. What use to be vacant acres of land, have developed into vibrant resident and shopping areas along Roosevelt. Just south of this street, is a 6.75 acre, vacant land that will soon be home to new a new community of family residences and shopping. With its close proximity to the Loop and the lake, the South Loop will always be a coveted destination.


Little Italy

Little Italy neighborhood, located on the Near West Side of Chicago, is a proud, living legacy of Chicago’s immigrant past. Italians have a rich history in terms of their migration, family, life, work and resettlement in Chicago, and much of this is showcased in the neighborhood’s landmarks. In this neighborhood, food is culture and history remains engrained in stone, primarily down the neighborhood’s main artery, Taylor Street. An additional stretch of Little Italy’s cultural eats is located further West, in the Heart of Chicago, on Oakley Street. Today, parts of Little Italy are shared with a student population from the neighboring campus, the University of Illinois at Chicago..


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